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Our History

Back in 2000, the name Outland crossed the ocean and landed here in Australia. Since then Outland Resources has been planting trees down under as an independent tree planting company but still remain proud of our northern heritage and experience. So yes, Outland Resources was indeed founded by Canadian tree planters with decades of experience and for the past 20 years we have maintained and nurtured that core ethos while adapting to the standards of the Australian industry. The end result has made Outland Resources Australia’s foremost tree planting company.


Planting season

We can plant trees in Australia for 10 months a year. Remember, Australia is a very large continent and we chase the rain from spring through winter, starting in the north and finishing in the south.

As a general rule we don’t plant between November and January as this tends to be the hottest, driest  part of the year. We start our season with the summer heat (January until April) on the southern coast of Queensland and finish in the flat lands of Victoria and the southern mountain ranges of New South Wales with the winter rains (May-October).

Planter resources


Although it is inherently different from other parts of the world, tree planting thrives here in Australia and offers its own set of unique rewards and challenges. See our information page for overseas planters here for some of the key differences. We encourage all experienced management and planters who are interested in a change of pace or scenery to come work with us and see what Australia has to offer. In fact, that is precisely how most of us landed here. We fell in love with Australia and never left.

We offer competitive rates for both management and planters and we provide all relevant training and certifications needed to work in the industry for all our new staff.

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