Commercial forestry planting

For decades we have been planting millions of 2nd rotation trees each year in the commercial sector. We plant in some of the harshest and steepest terrain Australia has to offer. From cold wet winters in the mountains to the hot wet summers in the tropics and from double dig to rips and mounds, we’ve done it all. Our vast experience enables us to apply a safe, productive and logistically sound approach to any given project regardless of terrain, ground prep or climate.

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Daily planting production will vary depending on slope, ground prep, access, soil type and of course the weather, but once we have viewed a project we are able to provide accurate production targets and a solid project timeline.

We understand the risks that come with working in the commercial forestry sector and have designed our WHS system to incorporate all industry specific risks, creating a safe and productive work environment on and off site.

Our Crews and Equipment

We provide highly trained planting crews based on the following model:


  • Crew Supervisor
  • Tree Runner
  • Quality Assessor
  • 12 planters

Our management are trained in the following safety certifications:

  • HLTAID001 - Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID010 – Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID009 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • FWPCOT3325 – Operate 4wd on unsealed roads
  • FWPCOT3328 – Recover 4wd vehicle
  • FWPCOT3328 – Operate 4wd vehicle in a towing situation
  • AHCMOM216 – Operate Side by Side UTV
  • 22541VIC – Basic Wildfire Awareness
  • AQF – 3 Chemical Accreditation
  • Leadership Training /Leading and Managing Teams – Ace College
seedlings being prepared for planting


  • Project specific equipment (spade, pottiputki etc.)
  • Side by Side UTV’s (number dependent on production requirements)
  • Modern fully equipped 4wd vehicles
  • Covered & enclosed seedling trailers & ute racks
  • Tree cache irrigation equipment if required

We have found this crew model to be the most efficient way to maximise productivity, planting quality and safety. However, we do realise some projects have a unique set of specifications and we have the ability to scale our personnel and equipment up or down as needed.

All our crew supervisors are backed by a dedicated regional manager, providing optimal support for both field staff and our clients.

Planting Quality above and beyond

We stand behind our planting quality and we provide our own dedicated Quality Assessor on every project. Our highly trained assessors are there to ensure all of our trees are planted to contract specifications and to maintain precise stocking requirements. Our assessors provide constant feedback to our clients throughout the progression of the project.

All seedlings to be planted are transported in covered and enclosed trailers to protect them from the elements while maintaining soil moisture for optimal seedling survival. We continue to monitor seedling integrity throughout the project by performing random seedling audits. We boast a post planting survival of >95%.

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