Information for overseas planters

What is required to come plant trees with us in beautiful Australia?

First and foremost you require a some form of visa that enables you to legally work in Australia. All information regarding said visas can be found here.

A TFN (tax file number) Details here.

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Experience is NOT required but as always is an asset.


Tree planting in Australia is quite different than it is North America for example. We are greatly affected by the weather conditions and the planting window is much larger. The main issue is soil moisture or lack thereof. Start dates are set but if the weather is not participating then they can be delayed indefinitely. Therefore have some money in the bank to be able to cope with such events if they do happen.

BOOTS! We all must wear steel cap, lace up boots!

When is the Planting Season in Australia?

We have 2 distinct planting seasons in Australia.

SUMMER season (January-April) and the WINTER season (May-September/October).

Our SUMMER season is drastically dictated by rainfall or lack thereof and start dates can move forward or be pushed back accordingly. If you are thinking of coming to plant here for our SUMMER season please keep that in mind.

Our WINTER season on the other hand, starts no later than June 1st and continues through until September/October. However, we have been known to plant trees in any month throughout the year. It all depends on demand and if the weather is co-operating. Our WINTER is by far our larger contracts, unfortunately coinciding with the North American season.

Keep in mind the ‘growing season’ in Australia is virtually all year, therefore planting is possible at anytime. We update our website regularly with upcoming contracts.

*photos by Jimmy Girel

KEY differences between planting in Australia and North America.

Conventional Bush Camps are NOT utilised here in Australia. The locations of summer works tend to be  HOT and WET and our winters remain COLD (0-5° C) at night. It takes time to adjust to our summer heat. This makes tent life somewhat impracticle and the mobility of crews and equipment is also essential.

Accommodation is usually caravan parks or houses and is always close to a town centre. The accommodation will always have a kitchen/cooking facilities as we do not provide cooks in Australia. Planters are required to purchase and prepare their own food. We provide the means to acquire provisions when needed. The cost, averaging $25/day is deducted as ‘camp cost’ from wages.

Planters are paid every fortnight.

The HEAT. It takes getting used to, no question.

Planters work the block with the rest of the crew, NOT in their own pieces as  we are very limited with delivery capacity in Australia. This is due to the seedling stock types. Australia does not provide trees in boxes but rather trays that can vary in size from 40 to 63 seedlings per tray.

Due to contractual restrictions, trees must be planted directly from the trays that are attached to planting harnesses and are not able to be ‘bagged up’ using conventional planting bags

Ground prep can vary significantly within any given block and the tree price is reflected accordingly. Tree price varies on steepness of slope as well.

‘Area planting’ in uncultivated ground does not occur very often. Most uncultivated ground is to be planted in straight lines adhering to predetermined interrow and between tree spacing. This is done by either following windrows or flaglines.

We provide the Planting Belts

‘Walk-ins’ are not common practice in Australia

Hard hats are NOT required PPE in Australia. Wide brim hats in the summer, steel cap, lace up boots and hi-visibility clothing (provided) is required PPE.

Crew size is generally 12 planters & 3 management

Any more questions you may have regarding the differences between planting trees in Australia and other overseas locations please send an inquiry here. Contact Us

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