What to bring

What you need to bring to ensure you have a successful and comfortable planting project

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Gear needed for all jobs:

  • large water container (At least 4 Litres)
  • good rain gear (jacket and pants)
  • wide-brimmed hat
  • sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm
  • solid lace up leather work boots
  • small backpack (to carry lunch, gear, etc.)
  • small first-aid kit (band-aids, tensor bandage, disinfectant, etc.)
  • gaffer tape
  • work socks (many pairs)
  • t-shirts (many)
  • work gloves

For winter jobs add the following:

  • old winter coat, lots of warm clothing (jumpers) * It may snow!! *
  • long underwear, beanie
  • warm gloves

Personal items you may want to bring:

  • alarm clock
  • swimmers
  • toiletries, personal items
  • extra clothing (for days off)
  • spending money ($200.00 +) – you’ll forget something!
  • deck of cards, books, etc.
  • muscle cream, vitamins (if required)
  • mole skin (for blisters)
  • headache, cold medication
  • allergy or other personal medication

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