Experienced planters

We value and reward experienced planters

We know the person it takes to want to plant trees season after season and that’s why our returning and experienced planters have top priority when it comes to building our crews each season. On our large winter contracts, we offer our returning planters incentive bonuses to show our appreciation for those who return to help us each season. Not only that but planting can lead to management positions.

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Planting can lead to management positions

Let’s be honest, the tree planting lifestyle is unconventional to say the least. No matter how appealing this lifestyle can be, for most people it’s a temporary one. For some of us however, it’s a necessity. The natural evolution of any passionate tree planter is a pathway to crew management positions. We are always on the lookout for new management candidates as management positions in Australian tree planting are not easily filled. This is because management candidates not only need planting experience, they also need to possess strong leadership skills and a passion for tree planting that is genuine and infectious. If this sounds like you we provide training.

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We provide training

For those passionate individuals who want to take the next step in tree planting. We offer all the required technical training needed in order to successfully manage a planting crew on any planting project. Our management teams are all trained in the certifications listed here.

For experienced overseas planters that are interested in management positions, we have different visa options in place to facilitate extended work in Australia or pathways to residency.

Your next step in the planting world could be one click away.

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